As India is the fastest technology growing hub in the world, it is emerging as a bigger consumer of technology products than as a producer and innovator of modern technology with the growing user friendly interface for the technology absorbers. The Internet brings opportunity for media freedom and freedom of expression through various platforms. Technology enables new forms of publication which extends the reach of the public at large to access information, but its power increases the potential damage of harmful speech and wrong information which invites state regulation and censorship including penalties. Tech interface involves false creation and manipulation for private and commercial interests.

Our TMT law practice ranges from regulatory standpoint to transactional aspect. We provide industry specific and tailored advices to our clients including strategic and commercial transaction (broadcasting and endorsement contracts, licensing arrangements, due diligence etc.) and other regulatory compliances ranging from advertisement laws to telecommunication laws and data privacy laws required for operation of business in media and telecommunication industry or anything that involves legal aspect related to use technology.

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