Legal Metrology along with FSSAI governs the packaging and labelling laws in India. We are engaged in providing legal advisory and assistance to our clients with respect to Legal Metrology Laws applicable in India. It provides regulation for control of measurement and measuring instruments including packaging and labelling requirements for safe transport, storage and marketing of products.

Packaging is the process used by the marketers and producers to make the product attractive to grab the attention of the potential buyers and it not only provides protection during the transit but helps in promotional purposes also. Labelling is a process of preparing goods for safe transport, warehousing, logistics and sale. Labelling is the essential part of marketing, which signifies any written, electronic or any graphic image on the product which helps in brand identification, description of the product and promotion of the brand. Labelling also differentiates the specific product from other relatable products. Legal compliance is vital as both the processes are inevitable in the Food and Beverage industry. We thus provide legal guidance and assistance in procuring and maintaining necessary permits as per the Act.

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