It is the duty of every citizen to 'protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the environmental reserves. The Department of Environment was established in India in 1980 to ensure a healthy environment for the country, which later became the Ministry of Environment and Forests in 1985. India has issued environment related laws, rules and regulations, periodic policies and circulars for the regular compliance for safeguarding the environment in the long run. Further, various licences and certification are required depending upon the type of industries and business entities to prevent, control, and manage pollution.

We specialize in environmental law practice on a variety of regulatory matters pertaining to Indian environmental laws specifically relating to use of hazardous and plastic material and waste management of electronic, hazardous and plastic etc. We are engaged in providing assistance and counselling to our clients on statutory and regulatory compliances with the environment protection laws and regulation including identification and elimination of potential liabilities and penalties for non-compliances of the applicable laws.

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