We provide legal services for PREVENTION OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT POSH), which is applicable to all workplaces, and organisations employing more than 10 employees irrespective of their nature of work and location. Workplace sexual harassment is a type of gender discrimination that violates Articles 14, 15, and 21 of the Indian Constitution, and so it is extremely important for a productive workplace environment.

Lex Mores ensure that your company conforms to the POSH Compliance guidelines through :

  • Policy & Manual Drafting: Formulation of an internal POSH policy for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment at workplaces.
  • Litigation support like filing and documentation: Filing an annual report detailing the number of sexual harassment complaints received each year, the number of complaints resolved each year, and cases continuing for more than 90 days, among other things.

Get the complete solution for POSH compliance for your business, with easy- to-use online tools and personalised expert advice.
Posh Policy Drafting
Get a personalised POSH Policy for your company, verified as per government norms. We can also review your existing policy with a lawyer, if needed.
Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) Selection & Training
Get advice on Internal Complaints Committee's required structure and team members. Assign ICC member duties and conduct online training for your committee.
External ICC Member Selection
Select from our network of experienced lawyers to guide and be a part of your committee, as the mandatory External ICC member.
Employee training and Certification
Use our online training module to schedule and conduct POSH training and evaluation for your employees. Provide digital training certificates and ensure compliance as per law.
Workplace Awareness Posters
Download anti-sexual harassment posters, which you need to put up at your office(s), as required by the compliance norms.
Advice & Support
Need help with implementation, or have a query regarding POSH compliance? Our in- house legal counsels are available over the phone to help.

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